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Uploading Your Review

1. First, make sure that you are on the correct page for the play you are reviewing. To go to the page, select the play from the pull-down menu just below the banner at the top of the page, and click “Go.”

2. Select “Add a review” from the sidebar on the left of the screen.

The name of the play you are reviewing will be chosen in the pull-down menu at the top of the page after the heading “New Review.” If you are on the wrong page, choose the correct play from this list and you will be taken immediately to the new page.

3. Now you must select the production you are to review. There are two pull-down menus above the space where you will enter the review:

• First select the company.
• Then, from the second pull-down menu, select the production.

Important: if the production you wish to review is not listed, you will need to create an entry for it – see “Requesting a new production” below.

3. Write the review in the field provided. You can, if you wish, write your review in your usual word processor, then copy and paste it into the field on the page for entering reviews.

The Web page will preserve very little formatting (italics and so on) from your word processor. To retain your formatting, follow these steps:
• Make sure that all paragraphs are separated by a blank line. This will create a new paragraph on the Web version.
• Go through your review, highlighting any passages you want to appear in bold or italics, then clicking on the button just above the space you pasted your review. This will insert the correct encoding for the formatting. You can also add links in the same way.
• Format verse quotations with normal line breaks. You may set off quotations of verse or prose by highlighting them and clicking on the button “Block quote.”

4. Click on “Preview” to make sure that your review is ready for publication.

Note: this is an important step, because you will not be able to edit your review once you click on the “Save” button.

5. When the review is ready for publication, click on the “Save” button and your review will be immediately available for others to read.

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