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Policy on Quality Content

The Internet Shakespeare Editions publishes only high quality, scholarly materials. Our aim is to provide our world-wide audience with the best in Shakespeare scholarship and performance on a site that is freely available. The ISE is a non-profit corporation affiliated with the University of Victoria, British Columbia. Please see the full discussion of this issue on our main website.

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Your profile is accessible only by you and the administrator of the site.
Your email address will be used for purposes of verification to secure the site from uninvited spam. It will not be visible to others.

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Invited reviewer

An invited reviewer is someone who has scholarly credentials, acting experience, or other qualifications that provide an assurance that reviews will be balanced and well-informed.

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Policy on Copyright

As the creator of a review, you will retain copyright on the material you submit to the site. In accordance with the general policy of the Internet Shakespeare Editions, however, all reviews will be freely available for educational or non-profit purposes. Please see our full statement on copyright.

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All contributors to the ISE Performance Chronicle are expected to maintain high standards of fairness and respect for the productions they review, and the reviews they read on the site.

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How to cite this page

The general format for citing pages on the Web is as follows:

1. Author or Editor if there is one (this will be indicated on the home page of the section).
2. Title of the page (all ISE pages have a heading as title).
3. Publisher (in this case ISE Performance Chronicle, Internet Shakespeare Editions, University of Victoria).
4. Date of creation (again, found on the home page for the section).
5. URL. (note that all postings have a permanent URL you can quote).
6. The date you visited the site.

The citation for this paragraph would be this, since no author is identified:

“Definitions. ” ISE Performance Chronicle, Internet Shakespeare Editions, University of Victoria. 2008. <http://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Theater/reviews/index.php/defn/2008/02/12/

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The “company” that produces a play may be a professional company, an amateur group, a Theater Department, or any other organization that is responsible for the production.

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A subscription is a process by which you will automatically receive an email every time the section of the site you subscribe to is updated. Thus, if you want to be reminded every time there is a new review of Romeo and Juliet, you can subscribe to that section of the site.

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This site is supported by The University of Victoria and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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