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Who is the ISE Chronicle Editor?

Kevin A. Quarmby is Assistant Professor of English at Oxford College of Emory University. He is author of The Disguised Ruler in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries (Ashgate, 2012), shortlisted for the Globe Theatre Book Award 2014. He has published numerous articles on Shakespeare and performance in scholarly journals, with invited chapters in Women Making Shakespeare (Bloomsbury, 2013), Shakespeare Beyond English (Cambridge, 2013), and Macbeth: The State of Play (Bloomsbury, 2014). Quarmby’s interest in the political, social and cultural impact of the theatrical text is informed by thirty-five years as a professional actor and many years as a professional reviewer for Rogues and Vagabonds, CurtainUp, British Theatre Guide, and Big Q Reviews. He is editor of Henry VI, Part 1 for Internet Shakespeare Editions, Davenant’s Cruel Brother for Digital Renaissance Editions and co-editor with Brett Hirsch of the anonymous Fair Em, also for DRE.

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How do I add a production to the list?

If you cannot find the performance you want to review, you can ask for it to be added to our database. You will need to know the most important things about the performance – the names of the company, the director, and the main actors. If you have your program from the performance this will give you the information you need.

To request the performance, go to the page for reviews of the play you have seen by selecting it from the pull-down menu on the left of the screen and clicking “Go". Then click on “Add a review". On this page, you will see more pull-down menus for selecting the company and the production – and under these menus you will see a link “click here to request [a production]". This link will take you to a page where you can fill in all the necessary information and submit it to the ISE Chronicle Editor. You will receive confirmation that it has been added with in a few business days.

When you receive the confirmation, you can go back to the site and write your review.

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What can I do as a reviewer?

There are three activities available for all reviewers:

1. You can comment on an existing review on the site.
2. You can create a review of a production that is recorded in our database.
3. You can request that a production be added to the database – and when it is added you can then write your review.

In addition, you can rate certain reviews – those added by guest reviewers.

There are two kinds of reviewers contributing to the site: Invited reviewers and Guest reviewers. When you first register you will become a Guest reviewer. Invited reviewers are recognized as scholars or experienced members of the acting community. To see how you can become an Invited reviewer, see the FAQ below.

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How can I ask to become an Invited Reviewer?

An Invited Reviewer is someone with expertise recognized in either the scholarly or theatrical communities. If you would like to be considered an Invited Reviewer for the ISE Chronicle, please contact the Editor, Kevin Quarmby, attaching a Curriculum Vitae or a statement of your qualifications.

Dr Kevin A. Quarmby
ISE Chronicle Editor
Oxford College of Emory University

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How do I add a review or comment?

First, you must register as a user by clicking on the link in the sidebar on the left of the screen, then filling out the form. You will receive an email with a link that will validate your application. When your application to become a user has been validated, you can login, and will be able to see a link to the section of the Chronicle where you can add a review. For full instructions on creating a review, see the Help section.

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How do I cite a page from the Chronicle in an essay?

The general format for citing pages on the Web is as follows:

1. Author or Editor if there is one (this will be indicated on the home page of the section).
2. Title of the page (all ISE pages have a heading as title).
3. Publisher (in this case ISE Chronicle, Internet Shakespeare Editions, University of Victoria).
4. Date of creation (again, found on the home page for the section).
5. URL. (note that all postings have a permanent URL you can quote).
6. The date you visited the site.

The citation for this paragraph would be this, since no author is identified:

“Frequently Asked Questions.” ISE Chronicle, Internet Shakespeare Editions, University of Victoria. 2008. <http://isechronicle.uvic.ca/index.php/FAQ>.

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Why should I subscribe?

If you subscribe to any page you will receive notification by email of new reviews on the play to which the page is devoted. To receive notifications of all reviews, subscribe to the “All Reviews” page.

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How do I find reviews of performances in a country or city?

First, go to the page that lists All Reviews. On this page you can search (see the boxes on the left of the screen) for reviews in any country. To locate reviews for performance in a city, enter the name of the city in the Keyword(s) box and click Search.

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Why can’t I rate some reviews?

Reviews submitted by Invited Reviewers are not subject to ratings. This is a policy decision by the Editor and the Internet Shakespeare Editions Advisory Board for Performance. Invited Reviewers are leaders in the field.

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